Tania Misra Rachit

Tania is an Architect/ Urban Designer turned ceramic and porcelain clay artist. This unique background has helped her blend her techniques and design sensibilities to seamlessly bridge the East and West and create designs which appeal to an international audience. She is now on a creative journey of expressing her mastered skills on the wheel with [...]

Pranav Kaushal

Pranav Kaushal is a self-taught artist and a 2d Animation Trainer. He explored his Animator skills with  painting and found painting and animation are quite similar considering a brush and a pencil in relation. For Pranav, living his passion of art was the driving force.  He explores and experiments with the nature of acrylic with [...]

Nikolay Andrukovich

Nikolay Andrukovich began his career in the world of art in the USSR where he studied art and furniture design at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. He has devoted himself to art and has been exploring different themes and techniques. He enjoys painting with traditional oils on canvas and derives great pleasure from producing [...]

Nidhi Samani

Nidhi Samani, is a British artist with Indian origin living in Singapore. She is a trained Fashion Designer turned artist, and explores multi disciplines with Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Mixed Medium and Chinese Brush painting.   In her current works, artists oeuvre is characterized by her vivid depiction of nature represented in mixed media. Artists’ current series [...]

Nandita Mukand

Nandita Mukand is a Singapore-based artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, installation and painting. Her practice is concerned with how urbanization with its attendant lifestyle choices continuously changes us as individuals, and by extension, transforms the collective psyche of our world. Her work explores observations of growth and decay in the wilderness in conjunction with the workings of the urban mind.  [...]

Madhvee Deb

Madhvee Deb is an Indian artist, who after having lived in Africa, Australia and Europe, now calls Singapore home. She completed her Masters in Arts in Fine Arts in 2014 from Goldsmith’s College of Art (Lasalle College of The Arts, Singapore). Her art-making process is in particular informed by the notion of capturing emotions, remembrance, [...]

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