Ha Dieu Nguyen

HA is an accomplished artist, born and raised in Hue, the Imperial Citadel of Vietnam. She loves nature and believe it offers endless inspiration of colors and designs.  Flowers shapes and gracefulness, in nature, offer a positive connotation of nature in people’s lives once translated on canvas. The artist works primarily in oil paintings and […]

Sang Su Park

Rather than the objective feature of the person who listens to the music, Sang Su Park imagined music which exists in all forms of arts. His art work is influenced by the 'feeling' of the  music   For him music is an art and he expresses the melody of music into his Onyx, Juniper, Bronze and Resin hand crafted sculptures.  He has not studied music professionally, though his love for music was sufficient to stimulate his imagination expressed in diversity of the various genres that [...]

Pranav Kaushal

Pranav Kaushal is a self-taught Indian artist. Experienced 2d Animation Trainer, he explored his Animator skills with  painting and found painting and animation are quite similar considering a brush and a pencil in relation. For Pranav, living his passion of art was the driving force.  He explores and experiments with the nature of acrylic with [...]

Nidhi Samani

Nidhi Samani, is a British Indian artist  living and working in Singapore. She is a trained Fashion Designer turned artist, and explores multi disciplines with Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Mixed Medium and Chinese Brush painting.   In her current works, the artists oeuvre is characterized by her vivid depiction of nature represented in mixed media. The artists’ current [...]

Nandita Mukand

Nandita Mukand is a Singapore-based artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, installation and painting and whose work has been exhibited and collected in Singapore and also internationally.   Her practice is concerned with how urbanization with its attendant lifestyle choices continuously changes us as individuals, and by extension, transforms the collective psyche of our world. Drawing upon her interest [...]

Madhvee Deb

Madhvee’s artwork is a product of an interdisciplinary collaboration between photography, video, audio, and mix media. Study of human perception, remembrance, and identity frequently guides her art-making process. More often than not this results in a metaphoric representation of the findings inspired by engaged subjects as diverse as gender dysphoria, death, and elements of impermanence [...]

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