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Madhuri Bhaduri

Madhuri Bhaduri is an abstract landscape artist who has produced innumerable works in her span of art career over 30 years, exhibiting in more than 40 solo exhibitions and innumerable group exhibitions world wide.   Her creative sojourn encompasses abstraction and impressionist landscape in oils. Her pallets draws on nature and its surroundings. The masterful [...]

Ha Dieu Nguyen

HA is an accomplished artist, born and raised in Hue, the Imperial Citadel of Vietnam. She loves nature and believe it offers endless inspiration of colors and designs.  Flowers shapes and gracefulness, in nature, offer a positive connotation of nature in people’s lives once translated on canvas. The artist works primarily in oil paintings and […]

Sang Su Park

Rather than the objective feature of the person who listens to the music, Sang Su Park imagined music which exists in all forms of arts. His art work is influenced by the 'feeling' of the  music   For him music is an art and he expresses the melody of music into his Onyx, Juniper, Bronze and Resin hand crafted sculptures.  He has not studied music professionally, though his love for music was sufficient to stimulate his imagination expressed in diversity of the various genres that [...]


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