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Dani Humberstone

Born in London, Dani attended a Rudolph Steiner school before studying fashion in Brighton.  After which she returned to her original love of painting and drawing, freelancing for many years as an artist before setting up a publishing company where she worked as the principal artist and designer.  After several years she left publishing and […]

Wai Sze Clark-Burton

Wai Sze was formally educated in art in Australia and began painting from an early age. Wai Sze\’s inspiration is rooted in mother nature. Each of her works embodies the feeling she experienced while communicating with the canvas. When most people see the ugliness of decaying tree bark, a rusty stain on a painted wall, […]

Manish Sharma

In the works of Manish Sharma, the idea of nostalgia is evoked as a part of a person or a community’s strong intentions to escape from the oppressive present and take refuge in the memories of a golden past. However, the same notion of longing could be a part of the political thinking of a […]


Studio-ID is created for international artists, to increase their global visibility, develop collaborations for joint projects.

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