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Samantha Redfern

Samantha Redfern (b. 1969) British born, BA Hons Fine Art graduate Samantha Redfern lives and works in Singapore. She graduated from Bath Spa University with her Bachelor of ArtsShe produces colourful, vibrant and exciting contemporary abstract paintings. She has a strong relationship with colour and uses it to create bold, eye catching works. Playful and full […]

Nidhi Samani

Nidhi Samani, is a British Indian artist  living and working in between Singapore and Taiwan. She is a trained Fashion Designer turned artist, and explores multi disciplines with Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Mixed Medium and Chinese Brush painting. Eternity, by Nidhi Samani, Mixed Medium on canvas, 75cm x 75cm   In her current works, the artists oeuvre is [...]

Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes Born 1969 Self-taught Natasha is deeply influenced by nature, both in her native South Africa and from her many travels around the world. She explores the relationship between water and the deep hidden treasures found beneath the surface. In particular the lotus flower, which provides endless inspiration as a bloom that flowers only [...]


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