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Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes Born 1969 Self-taught Natasha is deeply influenced by nature, both in her native South Africa and from her many travels around the world. She explores the relationship between water and the deep hidden treasures found beneath the surface. In particular the lotus flower, which provides endless inspiration as a bloom that flowers only [...]

Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed

Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed (aka “Kassou”), born in 1966, lives and works in Tunis. She holds a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts, specializing in painting, from the Higher Institute of Art, Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis. Since 1991, she has participated in biennials and international symposia (July 2018: 1st International Symposium of Painting in Singapore) […]

Piers Bourke

With the focus on everyday objects like the phone booth or the stamps, Piers work challenges the viewer to see beyond our perception. His ‘normal’ objects gets a new dimension and provokes the viewers to look at his work in a completely new level. His artwork is a combination of using progressive print and painting […]


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