Piers Bourke

With the focus on everyday objects like the phone booth or the stamps, Piers work challenges the viewer to see beyond our perception. His ‘normal’ objects gets a new dimension and provokes the viewers to look at his work in a completely new level. His artwork is a combination of using progressive print and painting techniques, but with a traditional and time staking approach to assembly and detail.


Vietnamese Peacock 180cm x 125cm – 2017 – Unique Inkjet print on photographic paper collaged on canvas with acrylic pigment and ink

His work has large elements of collage which creates a very sculptural and textured look and feel to the work. The pieces are eagerly collected by a global audience from all corners of the world.


Piers has worked from Singapore for over 4 years and his works were well received in Asia. Piers is a regular contributor to curators from all sectors who love the contemporary nature of his dynamic style and approach. His work is eye-catching and thoughtful. Each piece has a story based on his experiences and his passion for mixing traditional features with an eclectic love of design.He now works from England.


The only true constant in his work is change; Piers turns the traditional and ordinary into the extraordinary through his work that has become renowned and instantly identifiable as his own, a constant DNA that collators have come to love and value.


Now back in England, Piers has worked from Singapore for over 4 years and his works were well received in Asia. His works have been exhibited in London, New York, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong, Ireland, Holland, France and his collectors and followers are from all around the world.

Art works by Piers Bourke

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