The beginning of Studio-ID, where ‘ID’ is the Inner Dimension:

Just like a tree has its branches, the mind has its dimensions. Some dimensions take certain shape and form when they are fully realised.

The seeds for Studio-ID Art Gallery were sown 30 years ago when Nidhi found her first design venture in India, VNF Fashion and Design studio. Idea of creating an art platform was matured when she organised an art exhibition in 2017, themed “Symphony in Colours”, and was held at the Visual Arts Centre in Singapore. At that time, organising exhibition without a brand was ambitious, however the passion to provide a platform to upcoming artists was share by 16 individual artists. They participated in the exhibition and the success was well received by media and the visitors. The exhibition was intended to create a platform for the artists and to allow art to reach newer dimensions by supporting two social causes. The arts auction was generously supported by our buyers and art aficionados to raise monies for both a local and an international charity – HOME and i-India, in collaboration with United World College South East Asia International School (UWCSEA).

Visitors to our exhibition express how they view the art curations. This gave prominence to the ‘Inner Dimension’ of the art as is left for the audience to interpret. 

Our Mission

Studio-ID Art Gallery is established with a focus on increasing visibility for the artists, a platform for collaborations via exhibition and events, offer art to collectors and enthusiasts in both local and international markets. We are committed to developing events and connect with opportunities to support social causes and valued dialogues, We intend to find the common meeting grounds to allow art to transcend all inhibitions and boundaries.

Founders Background

Studio-ID was founded by Ketan and Nidhi.  After years of experience in commerce, marketing, innovation, entrepreneurship, finance and education, they decided to create this platform.

While market offer many platforms, there may not be a blend of experiences that fuels the success for the artists.  The team has put last 2 years of solid market testing to understand the needs of buyers and the artists. This understanding of the industry helps them to provide service to both the buyer and the seller online.

“The oeuvres and narratives of the emerging artists in South East Asia can make a mark and statement in the international art scene. We invite them to partner on our online platform and make the world its market”

Have your say!

Finally, interaction and feedback is how we like to progress.  Therefore please provide your suggestions that will help us to improve our offering and engagement. 

We look forward to receiving you at our forth coming exhibitions!




Studio-ID is created for international artists, to increase their global visibility, develop collaborations for joint projects.