Dani Humberstone

Born in London, Dani attended a Rudolph Steiner school before studying fashion in Brighton.  After which she returned to her original love of painting and drawing, freelancing for many years as an artist before setting up a publishing company where she worked as the principal artist and designer.  After several years she left publishing and turned to painting full time.

Dani was Vice-President of the Society of Women Artists for five years becoming Director when she stepped down.


She has won many awards for painting over the years and is regularly invited to exhibit at the Florence Biennale.  Dani has been selected to show at the RA Summer Exhibition and continues to show regularly in the UK & Ireland and has written several books on painting for Search Press Ltd.


She also teaches oil painting and colour theory for Curious House, a creative retreat company in East Sussex.


Dani uses the imagery of fruit in much of her work – and is interested in their metaphorical and symbolic use in the visual arts, the Bible, myth and fairy tale, branding, popular culture, language, literature and as symbols of power, passion and fertility.


The use of traditional painting techniques and strong light and shade or chiaroscuro creating a sense of drama.  There is a surreal quality and humour in much of her work but importantly there is also a respectful nod to the painters of the Renaissance and many influences from the Dutch Masters of the 15th and 16th century.


She says, “As a painter I can tear the visual curtain to reveal a microscopic world within worlds, layered memory and the inclusion of personal objects, the work almost becomes portraiture.” Also, “Within my work I aspire to fuse the still-life tradition and Vanitas painting within a contemporary context, using both familiar objects and ideas.”

Art works by Dani Humberstone

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