Nidhi Samani

Nidhi Samani, is a British Indian artist  living and working in between Singapore and Taiwan. She is a trained Fashion Designer turned artist, and explores multi disciplines with Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Mixed Medium and Chinese Brush painting.

Eternity, by Nidhi Samani, Mixed Medium on canvas, 75cm x 75cm


In her current works, the artists oeuvre is characterized by her vivid depiction of nature represented in mixed media. The artists’ current series is her connection with her  ‘Journeys Beyond’ and ‘Singapore Blooms’ and the search within inner dimensions capturing the Zen moments on the canvas.


Just like fossils are created and discovered, our mind too has the capacity to create fossils called ‘memory’, that carry the images that have been inscribed through the senses, and stored in our subconscious, similar to a fossil. The artist tries to capture those moments, exploring different industrial materials to create a resonance with her memories, as fossilized impressions. She adventures to combine her Zen aspect of Chinese art into various mediums that she explores.


Her art is in private collection in Australia, Singapore, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Switzerland and the UK.  Some of her works were acquired for the British High Commissioners official residence in Singapore.

Art works by Nidhi Samani

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