Natasha Barnes

Natasha Barnes

Born 1969

Self-taught Natasha is deeply influenced by nature, both in her native South Africa and from her many travels around the world. She explores the relationship between water and the deep hidden treasures found beneath the surface. In particular the lotus flower, which provides endless inspiration as a bloom that flowers only in adversity.

Natash Barnes, Take a walk with me, 70cm x 70cm, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021


She believes that like the lotus, beautiful things come from dark places. Her work reflects a kind of transcended beauty that is abstract in nature yet resonates with those who find the connection to her mark making.


She further explores the complex nature of habitat and identity found around water. Drawing from her own experiences, the crocodile and Jacana waterfowl provide the connection to her imaginary world, these creatures are found in many of her works and provide a link between places, spaces, lives and continents.  The lotus bloom is most often seen scribbled in childlike form and is signatory to her work.


  • Art London
  • Art Hamptons
  • Aqua Art Fair Miami
  • Bangkok Art Fair
  • Sofa Chicago
  • Palm Springs Art Fair
  • Spectrum Art Fair Miami
  • Cape Town Art Fair
  • World Art Dubai
  • Artexpo Malaysia
  • Artexpo New York
  • Affordable Art Fair Hampstead
  • Affordable Art Fair New York
  • Affordable Art Fair Bristol
  • Affordable Art Fair Paris
  • Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
  • Affordable Art Fair LA
  • Affordable Art Fair South Korea
  • Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong
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  • Affordable Art Fair Brussels
  • Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
  • Affordable Art Fair Melbourne

Art works by Natasha Barnes

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