Akihiro Fujimoto (b. 1973)

His work is conceptualised through his imagination combining the emotions that we all can reflect around us. His creations are a direct representation of thoughts that could be conveyed through words, and sometimes through action. The main material is Japanese cypress, which is lacquered and colored.

Akihiro Fujimoto is a wood sculptor who combines traditional techniques with contemporary forms and is well-known in Japan and internationally. He uses the power of materials and shapes to merge them to create the ambiguous image that his works always carry. The image presented by the
artist blending imagination and emotion reflects everyone’s psychological state. His creations directly show a kind of thinking that may be conveyed through words or may be expressed through behaviour.

The main materials are Japanese cypress, lacquer and paint. “I create works by combining motifs of people and animals with motifs that remind me of ‘flowers, tail fins, wings, and so on.”


Recent Shows and exhibitions:

Sculptor Sakuto Sako assistant Mr. Takashi Sako independence independence from 2003

“2014 Tohi Art Festival” Form of the Word – Your Story – Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Carving Exhibition (Tokyo Art Club)

Genealogy of trees – Evolving torrent – (Takashimaya Tokyo / Osaka / Yokohama)

Form of Word Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Carving Exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store)

Shapes of this form – Expansion – Akihiro Fujimoto Wooden Carving Exhibition (Sogo Hiroshima Store)

Form of Words – narrative – Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Carving Exhibition (Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store)

Art · Busan 2016 (BEXCO exhibition hall 1 / Korea · Busan)

Form of Words – familiar – Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Carving Exhibition (Sogo Omiya Store)

“Mindoscope” Akihiro Fujimoto Exhibition (Uspase Gallery / Taipei, Taiwan)

Form of Words -connection- Akihiro Fujimoto Wood Carving Exhibition (Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store)

ART EXPO MALASIA 2018 (MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Center / Malaysia)


Art Taipei- Studio-ID Art Gallery, Taiwan

Art works by Akihiro Fujimoto (b. 1973)

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