Tania Misra Rachita

Tania is an Architect/ Urban Designer from Columbia University. She worked for many years as a designer, building townships around the world and on slum redevelopment projects before she decided to devote herself to her long held passion  ceramic and porcelain clay.


Tania has acquired her initial training in the US after which she undertook a ceramic course in NAFA and training under the esteemed Singaporean Master potter Lim Kim Hui. She has also completed a course in Casting with Sasha Wardell in France.


This unique background has helped her blend her techniques and design sensibilities to seamlessly bridge the East and West and create designs which appeal to an international audience. She is now on a creative journey of expressing her mastered skills on the wheel. With clay and porcelain juxta positioning and articulate her connections with Asia.


Her current series is ‘Bleaching of the Earth’:


Discarded fresh flowers cause considerable water pollution due to pesticides. The polluted and warming water bodies are the primary source of degradation of plant and animal bodies leading to extinction of species and hence colours in the world. Bleaching of the Earth Series came to life after years of experience working as a sustainable Architect who struggled to only use non-toxic materials and reduce the gap between the Built and the Un-Built (nature). The series works with high fired, white Porcelain to show the close details of flowers, seeds and other valuable life forms which have been stripped of their colours due to the misuse of Mother Earth.

Art works by Tania Misra Rachita