A Silent Joker



Jokers, jesters, or other known as fools are often stereotyped as comics juggling around and doing magic tricks. In reality, the character is much more multifaceted than most of us think. There are many emotions and messages that lie behind the mask and catchy costumes. In the series of Jokers, the artist attempts to capture some of these emotions and invite the observer to connect with the personality hiding beyond the surface of a mask. After all, a modern-day society is not completely dissimilar to the character of a Joker. A lot of us spend lives playing a role or wearing a mask, be it in a job, on social media, at a party, in a public transport…Some people trying so hard to build a mask, a certain perception of themselves, that they forgot about the essence of their own personality and its natural beauty.

Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 35 cm x 50 cm
Created year: 2019

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Dimensions 40 × 55 cm


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