Pranav Kaushal

PassionPranav Kaushal is a self-taught Indian artist. Experienced 2d Animation Trainer, he explored his Animator skills with  painting and found painting and animation are quite similar considering a brush and a pencil in relation. For Pranav, living his passion of art was the driving force. 

He explores and experiments with the nature of acrylic with different techniques to create installation art and painting on canvas. His oeuvre has established him into an abstract and figurative artist as it allows him to transfer his animation graphic skills on to canvas. He depicts his emotions through the colors, figurative interpretation and strokes that appear on the canvas.


Figurative: Black and White series


In a community where gender equality is still a concern, in many parts of the world women are still struggling for equal rights. His works are inspired by ‘women‘. He sees them as beautiful subjects and supports that they should be treated equally. He draws his deepest inspiration from his particular context of having spent the better part of his life in India where gross inequalities are part of everyday living. In his works the figure of the ‘Woman’ stands out. The background is abstract or semi abstract describing the chaos around the women and the society they inhabit. A certain order of working is central to his practice; He prefers making the ‘female form’ indoor as he feels more focused & calm. He develops the background outdoors where he lays the canvas on floor and then work his way around the canvas in an open space as that gives him a broader aspect of the area he covers and the freedom to throw paint. For the background he uses wooden sticks whereas for the figure he work with gentle brush strokes. This method for him is symptomatic of the larger reality that he is part of, representing two sides of life, the hard exterior context of a society and the softness of a human soul.


Solo and group shows:

2018: Solo Show at World Art Dubai, Dubai,

2017: New York Art Expo , Pier 94 , New York,

2016 Indian Habitat Centre , New Delhi, India, ‘World Art Dubai’ , World Trade Centre, Dubai. Group Show at The Gallery of Light , Dubai.

2015 Group Show at DIFC , Dubai.

2014:Group Show at DIFC, Dubai ‘Rotterdam International Art Fair’ at De Laurenskerk, Rotterdam, Netherlands, Solo Show at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India, Exhibition at ‘New York Art Expo’, Pier 94, New York .


Born in New Delhi, India, 1977. He lives and works from New Delhi.

Art works by Pranav Kaushal

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