Studio-ID Art Gallery presents

Showcasing artworks by

Madhuri Bhaduri (India)
Nidhi Samani (Singapore/Taiwan)
Sang Su Park (South Korea)

Dates: 17th March -28th April 2021 (rsvp

Location: Yangmingshan, Taipei, Taiwan

“ The opening of our first exhibition ‘Spring Time is Art In Progress’ in Taiwan was held at the Studio-ID Art Gallery, located amidst the cherry blossoms on the beautiful Yangming Mountain. Amongst the attendees  who graced the occasion were the WTIC president and the members of the Welcome to Taipei International Club.

The exhibition curated by Ketan Samani, (Gallery Director) is a spectacular visual art experience created by the juxtaposition of painting and sculptures to create a symphony of the colours and conversations of the spring. The immersive impressions of music, colours and touch amalgamated into a sensorial experience”

We are overwhelmed and humbled by some of the beautiful responses received by our friends and viewers. The exhibition has been extended to 15th May by request.