Nidhi Samani


She is a British artist living in Singapore. She explores multiple disciplines through the use of Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal, Mixed Medium and Chinese Brush painting.

Nidhi is intrigued by the new dimensions, which she perceives through her senses. She draws her inspiration through nature and enlightenment through mysticism. “Painting is one of the many mediums of expressing what the senses sees and hears. Art transcends the inner voice of the soul,” she says.

In her current works, her oeuvre is characterized by her vivid depiction of nature represented in mixed media.

Inner Journeys: Inner Dimensions

Her current series – Inner Dimensions – seeks to capture Zen moments on canvas. These moments leave a mark and impression as our minds have the capacity to carry the images that have been extracted through the senses, and stored in our subconscious, similar to a fossil.

Nidhi tries to capture those moments, exploring different industrial materials to create a resonance with her memories, as fossilized impressions. She adventures to combine her Zen aspect of Chinese art into various mediums that she explores.

She formally studied Western Art at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. Fascinated by Chinese brushstrokes, she took finer training under the tutelage of Master Lin Lu Zai in Singapore.

With a background and training in fashion design, Nidhi  established the VNF School of Fashion Designing in India, where she also launched her studio and label ‘Nidhi Goel’ while training budding fashion designers and aspirants.  Destiny took her to London, where she settled into a corporate world. Art took precedence, and she has been a full-time artist since her move to Singapore almost a decade ago.

Many of her artworks are proudly on display in private collections in Australia, India, Kenya, Dubai, Switzerland, the UK, among others.

Some of her more recent works are now at the British High Commissioner’s official residence in Singapore.