Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed

Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed (aka “Kassou”), born in 1966, lives and works in Tunis. She holds a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts, specializing in painting, from the Higher Institute of Art, Architecture and Urbanism of Tunis.

Since 1991, she has participated in biennials and international symposia (July 2018: 1st International Symposium of Painting in Singapore) and in group exhibitions both in Tunisia and internationally.

Her degree in Italian allows her to collaborate not only with Italian but also with other artists. Kaouther, the heteroclite, thus acquires a rich experience in the field of Cinema (Decorator), Audio-visual (artistic advisor) and graphic advertising (graphic designer).

Her first solo exhibition “The imperceptible and the visible” held at the Artémis gallery (Tunis), in 2004. In 2006, she curated the Fourth Mediterranean Biennial of Arts of the City of Tunis “The sacred fire”.

In 2014, she defended her doctoral thesis in Sciences and Techniques of Arts dealing with the concept of hybridization. Her thesis highlights artistic practices, with a high coefficient of impurity, pointing to a desire for nonsense and generating a new aesthetic experience: an aesthetic of emptiness.

In February 2018, Kaouther travels through her secret garden and returns with an individual exhibition: “Thread of self”, at the Kalysté gallery (Tunis). This authentic spectacle was the result of both a chance and a reflective and plastic decision. Chance and necessity matter a lot to give shape to a space that is much more in process than a final and finished “product”.

Kassou was awarded the title of “knight academician” within Mondial Art Academia, in August 2018.

In September 2020, she held her solo exhibition “Soul” where the woman holds, as usual, an important and singular place in her works. It is not this fatty mass of flesh, even less this object of the soothing gaze or voyeuristic desire that interests the artist, but rather it is this intelligent, free and emancipated female body that she weaves, embroiders and brings to light. These works are a definition of fluidity in the 3d works intricately weaving the textures and flow gracefully to embrace the feminine with strength.


Art works by Kaouther Jellazi Ben Ayed

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