Ha Dieu Nguyen

HA is an accomplished artist, born and raised in Hue, the Imperial Citadel of Vietnam.


She loves nature and believe it offers endless inspiration of colors and designs.  Flowers shapes and gracefulness, in nature, offer a positive connotation of nature in people’s lives once translated on canvas.


Ha Nguyen, Petals Melody, 80x80cm, Oil on Canvas, 2019-

The artist works primarily in oil paintings and is distinguished and unique in any context. The artwork connects with nature offering shear feelings of gentleness and beauty. She uses colors from her imagination and plays the light to her advantage to illuminate the colours, create shadows and build the image on strong backgrounds to bring beauty of flowers on the canvas, rendering a relaxed and uplifting mood. Her artistic communication is inspired by her love for environment. Her works evokes for us something of an intimate nature, with its gentleness, translucence and freshness preserved in the strokes and blending of the colours.


She was raised in a creative household with her father being the director of music in the royal palace, her aunt a talented, yet traditional silk painter.  She learned art from her aunt, at a very young age, by painting detailed sketches with pencil to perfect her techniques to render the images with a delicate and elegant message for the viewers.


The depth of colours renders realism to HA’s creations which have been exhibited in Vietnam and internationally.

Art works by Ha Dieu Nguyen

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